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The World's Greatest
Traffic Jam!

Boulder, Colorado
Friday July 12, 2024


Time-line of the morning festivities
12 July 2024
07:15 am

7:00am - Our stilt walker parade will depart Central Park (Tubing Exit).  We highly recommend this option if you're driving to the event as parking is very limited and congested near Eben G. Fine Park.  

7:15-8am - Arrive @ Eben G. Fine Park, check in at the stone shelter (all you'll need is your name since you already registered), get your wristband, pump your tube if you haven’t already, play some games, catch some flying neckties, dance!

8:05am - Opening Speech

8:15am - Ribbon is cut, proceed through "the gauntlet," to the official put-in; hold up your wristband, helmet on, life jacket visible. We'll let a wave of tubers in the water, quick break then another wave and so on.

8:15am - We tube!

8:45 - 9:45am - Hot coffee, lite breakfast and DJ dance party at Boulder Central Park

9:45 -10am - Tube onwards from Central Park or set off on foot to downtown offices.

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Required Safery Gear Info Graphic.png

BYOT - Participants bring their own inner tubes and helmets and tube Boulder Creek from Eben G. Fine Park to their various places of employment. Hot coffee, lite breakfast and DJ dance party at Central Park.

* Minimum age is 18 years old.

*Waivers, helmets, life jacket and closed-toed footwear = mandatory. Are bike helmets OK? Yup, they sure are.

*Additional suggested attire – Wetsuit (strongly recommended) beneath business attire, all costuming welcome. 

*Use of personal vehicle in any TTWD is strongly discouraged. In the spirit of alternative transportation please leave your car at home.

*Tying tubes together = not allowed. Sorry y’all, no floatillas.

*Never tubed Boulder Creek? It’s the real deal. Don’t show up with a cheap inner tube from Target. 



If your company would like to join the World's Greatest Traffic Jam, please e-mail

Class III Rapids

Hudston River Trading.png

Class I Rapids

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Gear Rentals

Crystal Ski Shop Logo.jfif
  • Crystal Ski Shop has a great selection of water sports gear!  All items are inflatable so they’re easy to fit into your car. You can pick up your rental anytime after 2 pm of the day preceding your adventure at no extra charge.  We rent tubes, Class I/II paddle boards (SUPs) and one- and two-person kayaks, and white-water kayaks.  All packages include a PFD (life-jacket) and a helmet.  We also rent water shoes, dry bags, and electric pumps.  
    We have a great selection of gear for sale, too!

  • Come see us! We’re here 7 days a week, 10 am – 6 pm.

  • Kayak Package: $55 per day
    SUP (Standup Paddleboard) Package: $55 per day
    Tube Package: $16 per day

    20% OFF if you make a reservation AT LEAST 48 hours before you pick up your gear!


Tube to Work Day has attracted international exposure in the following publications


Boulder Charity

Tube to Work Day strives to impact the heart of our local Boulder community 
25% of every ticket sale is directly donated to Bridge House!

At Bridge House we provide a range of programs and services to help adults experiencing homelessness have access to the resources they need for a better future. Our programs are arranged across our Bridge of Opportunity spanning from basic needs to employment and housing

Tube to Work Day History

A tale as old as time

Tube to Work Day began in 2008 as a joke between friends Jeff Kagan and Andy Gruel - an audacious quest to see if one could actually commute to East Boulder offices without the use of fossil fuels. Attendance was slow to catch on until 2012 when 2 other intrepid tubers joined the friends swelling participation to 4! Even with minimal participation the media has always loved/covered our event and notoriety participation jumped each year. 8, then 20, then 50, then 200, then 500 and finally topping out at over 1,000 tubers in '18 and '19 before COVID put the flow on hold for 2 deflated years.


Now Tube to Work Day is back and inflation in Boulder has never been greater! Over the years we've seen it all - sopping wet business suits in cubicles, bacon and OJ fished off the bridges, mad hatters, cheetahs, sharks and hamburgers floating the Class 2 rapids, a massive floating unicorn that somehow made it to the breakfast at Central Park and mermaids lining the banks with squirt guns. The event has been described as an "Only in Boulder" kind of thing and we agree. It has always been about the love of our natural waterway, the thrill of tubing enmasse, networking in moist clothing and getting weird, wet and wild with our Greater Boulder business community. From the humble beginnings of 2 friends seeing if it could be done (and it can!) to the current evolution of hundreds of fun/coffee-loving commuters we invite you to be a part of the history in '23!

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