HoW Do I Do This?

TTWD began with a challenge between 2 friends - Could we get to our respective offices without any use of a personal vehicle? Over the years we’ve incorporated bicycles, rollerblades, the bus and of course good ‘ol foot power. It’s not easy getting upstream w/ tube and w/o a car, especially with 1,000 others trying to do the same.

Here’s our 4 part solution to help you make your Friday morning travel a genuine alternative commute.

1) We’ll have 22 of these at the put-in so you can inflate on-site. Come early to insure you’re not waiting on a pump at 8am.


2) Join the “Walk to the Put-in Party.” Darcy with BoulderWalks will be leading the way alongside our stilt-walking, zinc-nosed lifeguard grand marshall. Bike, bus or blade to the takeout (Boulder Central Park North) at 7am, grab your TTWD wristband from our onsite “clipboarders” and join the party walk to the put-in at Eben G. Fine, departing promptly at 7:15am.

3) Grab a Boulder B-cycle - Throw your deflated tube in your creek-worthy backpack and snag a Boulder B-cycle at a station near you. Day Tripper 24-hour access passes will be free the morning of Tube to Work Day courtesy of Parks and Recreation! Boulder B-cycle will also be on-site at Eben G. Fine with a pop-up station to make B-cycle return easy when you arrive. If your office isn’t on the creek, fear not! There will be additional B-cycles on hand at the 13th & Arapahoe station in Central Park for the 2nd leg of your alternative commute.

4) Take the bus! TTWD will reimburse your bus ride to the put-in at Eben G. Fine. Get a transfer from the driver, write the amount spent and your venmo/paypal handle on the back and turn it in at our table. The 1st 2 buses will get you within a block, the 3rd within 6 blocks:

The 205T

N to Ned

The Hop

Co-founders Andy Gruel and Jeff Kagan suiting up for the first ever Tube to Work Day

June ‘08

hilarious media coveragE

Over the years we’ve been surprised and delighted to see coverage of our commute spread nationally and even internationally. See below for some of our favorite “moving” memories.